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VIDEO: SQUEEbunny + A Planner That Finally Works! Blog Hop & Giveaway

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I have a totally squeebunny card for you today. Easter is one of the CUTEST stamping holidays because it's filled with WABBITS. 

And today, I have the cutest of them all! This particular artist makes the sweetest, most colored pencil friendly images I've ever seen!

This little bunny suit just cracks me up. I kept it pretty simple with just pinks and whites, but man was it fun to color. It's really important to keep your stamp set up in your MISTI when you are using colored pencil, because otherwise the line detail will be lost - and the little freckles are covered completely by pencil so you have to bring them back. LOOK AT HER LITTLE LEGS. Oh my gosh. 

It's hard to see here - but on her little wisps of hair, I used one of the metallics in my colored pencil set - actually for the first time! I need to use them more.

Don't forget to read all the way through this post for a giveaway!

I'm beyond thrilled about the subject of today's video. I finally (completely accidentally) found a planner that actually works with my brain!! I was a Hobonichi devotee for a long time - I loved the covers, I loved the paper, I loved the pens that came with it every year. But the format didn't work for me at all, no matter which layout I tried. 

It turned into a very expensive to-do list book because all I could see when the planner was open was a single view - either that day, the month or the week - but I could not see all three. 

Because of the nature of my work, I have to be able to see all three, because part of my job is planning content. So I need to see today's tasks in the context of the week (including the weekend, because I do work on the weekend) and the month. AND on top of all of that I need a place to take notes. 

I have artsy journals - I have a bullet journal that is both a creative outlet and sort of a daily diary, as you will see in the video. I have a podcast journal where I keep track of my listens and pods I want to try. (Head over to Patreon for my huge and highly curated podcast database.) I also have pure art journals, where all I do in them is make art. 

But for me, JOURNALING and PLANNING are not related tasks, so despite thousands of hours of watching people make gorgeous bullet journal layouts from scratch, it's never been practical for me to combine journaling with my work and my time management. I love watching other people do it. I just cannot. However, ONE element of bullet journaling that I thought had potential was the concept of Dutch Doors, which I ended up using in my podcast journal. You will see why that's revolutionary in the video.

So in one of my bullet journal rabbit holes, restlessly trying to find something that matched by brain, I found this planner. THE ONE TO RULE THEM ALL. And the power of this planner is the Dutch Doors. When I open this planner, I see the full month, the current week, split into two sections - I use one for a brain dump and one for a specific day-focused task list, a notes section AND a monthly to do list. NO FLIPPING AROUND. I cannot believe it. So in the video I'll show it to you blank (I love that it comes customizable) and the super easy cheaty way I set it up using washi tape. Lettering is not something I'm ever going to be good at - so I left it to the people who are!

Shown in the video are the following:
  1. The journal
  2. The washi tapes that fake good handwriting
  3. The color coding markers
  4. The dot markers (do NOT buy cheap ones - they are not the same at all - ask my trashcan)
  5. The waterproof pen
  6. The date dies for the title page (You can buy these together or separately)
  7. The ephemera for the title page
  8. This entirely unrelated mug that embraces my philosophy about perfection!
I also go over in the video why January is not a natural starting place for a year or a planner and why mine starts in February. Again, perfection is for serial killers.

Enjoy, and come back for a giveaway!

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Ready for a Giveaway?

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So - for your comment on my post - I want you to tell me what your favorite type of spring stamp set is - is it bunnies? Flowers? Shamrocks? Lay it on me, and then stop by these blogs and comment to be entered!

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  1. This is just darling. Cute bunnies get me every time.

  2. Ok running over to see the planner video!!! But dangit... I was gonna link you up to a waaaay awesome Russian bride!!! hahahahaha!!!!

  3. So cute! I love bunnies but definitely gravitate towards flowers...any time of the year!

  4. This is darling! I LOVE the bunny on kraft!

  5. Love the image with your colored pencil coloring! Sweet card!
    For spring, I love floral designs!

  6. I LOVE your card! WOW! Your coloring is beautiful with that dark kraft cardstock. STUNNING!


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