Friday, June 30, 2023

VIDEO: Focal Pointing Background Stamps

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We have FINALLY gotten a break in the heat and are into our normal hot & dry season, so that is a good thing, and it makes me want to bring you sunny cards. 

I'm still in a battle to save my plants, but at least I can walk outside to water them without melting. When I walked to the mailbox today I even felt a cool-ish breeze! Miracles!

My neighbor has these stunning poppies lining her "hell strip" - that no man's land between a sidewalk and the curb, if you're unlucky enough to have a yard with a sidewalk in it. 

The hell strip is the bane of Texas yards. There are varied responses to them. The first, and drastically wrong response, is to put down black plastic and rocks. Not only is this ugly and raises the temperature in your yard, as does all rock, but the weeds will still come. The second, sad response is to toil ripping that all out and plant grass. Because it's bounded by concrete, this will fail. It's too hot, and the grass will just cost you water and make you sad. Smart people enter round three - which is to fill it with native plants. They can survive the elevated temp of the concrete, and will come back year after year. So our native poppies grace my neighbor's hell strip and they are GLORIOUS in the spring.

That is what inspired today's post, along with a card I did a while back, which you can see here. I used a similar technique on these gorgeous poppies, with a little more detail in the background - you'll see that in the video below. The sentiment is from this set and I used these pencils.

This is another DTGD sneaky peeky.

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Here are all the supplies I used:
Poppy Stamp
[ HA | ELH ]
Sentiment stamp
[ HA ]
Colored Pencils
[ BLIC ]
Yellow Ink
[ HA ]

Here's the video:

I hope you have a great holiday if you are in the US. In Texas that means staying inside! We will do a little grilling, but it's not an all day picnic type of operation where I live. What are you doing/cooking?



  1. The card is beautiful. I am fascinated with how you used a truly tiny bit of the darker colors but it has a huge impact. I am glad to think of pencils now when I think of stamps like this....I wish you had given us a pic of your neighbors' hell strip poppies! I would love to see that. I do know what those are. I think? We call them "curb interest"...but to me unless they are grass they are in the way because that is where people park and get out.

  2. We are one of the unfortunates with a hell strip in front of our house. It had grass on it when we moved in, but it turned in to mostly weeds, as it was impossible to water. A few years ago, I planted golden lantana... and although it doesn't cover all of the strip, it's a great improvement. I water it when I think of it. And it does just fine.


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