Friday, February 14, 2020

Alcohol Ink Monoprinting 3 Ways Video

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I'm really good at surviving on almost no sleep. I really am good on five or six hours. But lately, I've been especially sleep deprived and it's annoying me. I am a pretty light sleeper and if something wakes me up at 2 AM, I am not going to fall back asleep. Very annoying.

So one night this week a giant, surprise thunderstorm started at 3, with a huge bolt of lightning and clap of thunder and instant power outage. The power outage sets off a million alarms, so I had to get up and turn all those off. It also sets off the cat alarms, which can't be turned off. So I just got up and tried to solve the Jon Benet Ramsey murder.

Last night, I was so tired from this event, I thought I'd sleep like a zombie, but at 2:22, Splotchy decided to have a psychotic break, so I got up at 2:22 last night and tried to solve the Brandon Lawson disappearance.

Since our fridge (God rest its 17 year old soul) died last week like everything else in our house has done over the last two years, we had to get a new one. After consulting with Facebook and my appliance repair guy, we settled on a Whirlpool. He said the worst is LG, followed by Samsung (most technicians won't even work on these two - yikes) and that Whirlpool makes Kitchen Aid, Jennair and Maytag and that those are the good brands, along with Electrolux and Frigidaire. My dear friend and retreat chef Mel has a Whirlpool, so that sealed the deal.

This fridge has french doors on top, then a drawer, then a freezer on bottom. The middle drawer is life. I only drink carbonated water, so having a place to put cans of fizzy water without taking up food room is amazing.

But also, my cold brew coffee gets its own space in this drawer. And oh Lordy have I needed it this week. Thank you Chameleon Cold Brew for saving not only my life but the lives of people around me.

I really appreciate my friend Nicole for making a coffee die and a stamp set that perfectly expressed my feelings this week.

First, I used Life Changing Blender brushes and the Fancy Flourish stencil with Wild Dandelion, Bubblegum Pink and Blue Raspberry ink to create a background. Then I cut the Coffee die out of white and black and added a few sequins. The sentiment, after a little stamp surgery is from this set.

Then, I decided to try something different for this month's Gel Press video. I wanted to use alcohol inks with regular cardstock, so I tried a fun stencil technique I think you'll like.

What's cool about this technique is that you can use it to make three different kinds of prints, as you can see here.

So here is the video, and then come back to get a coupon code to get all of this new goodness at 20% off!

Isn't that fun? I love those techniques where you can do multiple things with one effort.

The entire new release today is on sale for Valentine's Day. All you have to do is click here and use code HEART20 to shop!

The sale ends Sunday.

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Coffee Word Die
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Funky Leaves Stencil
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Hello Word Die
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Watercolor Trees & Brushes
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Tighten Your Bra Strap Coordinating Die
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Fancy Sentiments
[ PFS ]
Work Sucks
[ PFS ]
Here is Where I Work
[ PFS ]
You Are My Favorite Notification
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Tighten Your Bra Strap
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Liquitex Basics Titanium White
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Life Changing Blender Brush: 2-Pack –...
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