Friday, January 6, 2017

Make a Scene

Are you familiar with Stampscapes stamps?

More years ago than I care to specify, my mother and I took a stamping class using Stampscapes stamps.

Those things are magical. They are designed so that the elements all work together to build scenes, and the finely detailed texture stamps for things like grass, rocks, sand, etc. seamlessly blend with each other to create highly realistic landscapes.

I remember all the EXCLAIMING we did as we learned to use them.

You know you're in a great stamp class when you do some EXCLAIMING. That's why I like to have my friend Dana Keith around at all times, because she's an EXCLAIMER. It makes life fun.

Anyway, when I was at OnStage in November, and they started demonstrating the High Tide set, I WAS EXCLAIMING.

The presenter (Carole Ann Patterson) was working with the lighthouse image in the set, and she was building the sand around the base of the image, and it was magical - all seamless and perfect like the Stampscapes scenes.

The one I had my eye on though was the water. I couldn't wait to play with the set and make the scene that was in my head, which is below.
High Tide by UnderstandBlue

Those sweet little birds look like our killdeer, which I see in a park near my house - not just at the beach, which is six hours from here by car. 

I love how they run with their bodies perfectly still like they're in marching band, but their little legs just a blur. So cute. But I digress.

Here's a video on how I made the scene, just with masking and stencil brushes. (Pardon my voice - it's cedar season!)

I hope you'll try making a scene! And EXCLAIMING.

Don't forget to take advantage of the awesome Starter Bundle with two extra free stamp sets to get your Occasions Catalog goodies at the best price! And Sale-A-Bration is on, with a free set for every $50 purchase! The little taco truck set is my favorite, and those gold card tins that I showed you in this post.



  1. This is just stunning. Love those cute Sandpipers. They ARE cute!
    We have a lot of them here and they love to follow you. But don't follow them or they'll run away. lol

  2. Gorgeous scene! I love the purple. I really want to give those brushes a try. You make it look so easy.

  3. AMAZING!!!!! (me exclaiming) :) Adding that set to my wish list for sure! I've just started using those brushes. Divine they are!
    Lu C

  4. An absolutely stunning scene Lydia, I enjoyed seeing it come together!

  5. OMG! GORGEOUS! Can't wait to get my brushes!

  6. Beautiful card - thanks so much!! I really enjoy your blog so thank you for that too!!!

  7. This was amazing to watch as you made this scene come to "life" Lydia. A very beautiful job!

  8. I LOVE Stampscapes stamps! I have a TON of them and never get them out to play with anymore... You might have just inspired me to dig deep into the bowels of the Stampin' Garage for a little bit of nostalgia and stamping and sponging fun. Cuz, of course, you really can't use these stamps withOUT sponging! You're SUCH an enabler! LOL

  9. Beautiful card. The water is fantastic.

  10. Stampscapes!! I remember those! I think I still have mine.
    Thanks for reminding me how to do this, and for the stunning card.

  11. Beautiful seascape scene. I think I need to look into the CLarity brushes because I love the way you blended the colors.

  12. I love making scenes and just had to go right over to their blog to check them out as soon as I read your post! Well, since the 6th of January when you posted this I have gone to their site at least 20-30 times! Their stamps are amazing and I can't wait to get them!!! Thanks for the heads up!
    I also had to rush to SSS to purchase the Colorbox Cleaning Stamp pad when I read your Season of Giving Blog Hop post! Hubby told me I can't read your blog anymore because it costs too much money! LOL Told him that he is entitled to his opinion but it stinks so i was going to keep on reading it! :-)
    He hunts, I create so when he gives up his hunting gear I will give up my craft stuff, NOT! Sounds good to him though so I will let him dream on!!
    Have a great week!


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