Sunday, December 4, 2016

Feline Remorseful?

Cats, unlike dogs, have no guilt or shame.

That's what happens when you get to the top of your particular food chain.

You'll see the same thing in CEOs and politicians and celebrities, actually.

Cats just do what they want, when they want to do it, and if you object, you just get the crazy eye.

I know it's the season for people to be mad at their kitties, because it's Christmas tree season.

Here's what I have to say about that.

When you bring a large tree into your home, igniting the ancestral memories of your domestic (ha!) cat sharpening his claws on the bark of a towering jungle tree which he has decorated with his prey, and then festoon it with dangly, shiny objects, you sort of get what you deserve, no?

No need to be mad at the cat. Just reconsider your poor choices in your life and the consequences of those choices. And perhaps give the poor, beleaguered animal a treat.

However, since cat and dog-shaming is totally a thing now, I absolutely could not resist this Technique Junkies Christmas Mug Shot stamp - I think it sums up the entire relationship between cats and the holiday season.
Feline Remorseful? by Understand Blue
links to supplies used

At least he ADMITS he knocked it down. But you can see he blames you. As well he should. You should think about what you've done.

To make the background I just did the wrinkle-free Distress technique on watercolor paper. Then I used my square framelits to cut a polaroid shape from glimmer paper and added a few pine boughs (dies and supplies linked above) sticking out from behind as evidence. They match his eyes don't you think? His green, remorseless eyes.

Let's try to be nicer to our cats this holiday season.

This message brought to you by Maddie & Splotchy.



  1. LMAO! I have a tually never had a tree knocked down by the cats..... my daughter?YES! THREE times one year all with her under it, call her stubborn persistent or slow learner...... she, like cats, had no remorse in her eyes either

  2. We have 4 cats. Totally agree with you. We have learned to make it work. I decorate the tree with shells that I have collected from visits to the coast. They are very sturdy. I love that stamp though. Adorable.

  3. Oh yes I had my tree knocked over once. Two balls of fire were sure I brought that tree just for them (every year). You just have to embrace it and put a hook in the ceiling and wire the tree to it. The decorations still get played with but the tree keeps standing. Thanks for that cute card idea. It's perfect for any cat owner.

  4. LOL I used to decorate with kitty proof baubles. And put treat filled ones on the low branches. One swat and a goodie fell out oooh they loved that! Now adays it's a small table sized tree which they sniff then ignore. Too small to attract any interest. And I put out new boxes with hidden treats as their prezzies. We're a happy cat family. Love the mug shot card. ;)

  5. Oh my goodness, love that stamp and your commentary, as always. We had a huge cat who would take a running start and make a flying leap from the back of the couch into the upper part of the tree, knocking it down. He had it down to a science. I miss that cat...I think, LOL.

  6. Thank you for starting my day with a laugh. LOVE the card - and that stamp is priceless!

  7. AWK!! This stamp and card is wonderful!!! I've had 5 cats over the years so have had the full experience of cat vs Christmas tree. The combination of the mug shot and his expression are priceless! Thanks for starting out my morning with a belly laugh.

  8. That should be Jason holding that sign!

  9. You totally made my day AGAIN. You make me laugh out loud at least once a week.

  10. I hope you really really know just how funny you are!! You crack me up! Everytime! Hugs, treen Merry Christmas!

  11. Darling card and stamp! Anyone who knows cats would love!


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