Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Are You My Mummy?

I am a recent convert to Doctor Who. I have been instructed never to type "Dr. Who" as it angers the natives. So I'm trying to be compliant. Which is not in my nature, so you may have noticed that I did, actually, type "Dr. Who" (twice). That's what you get for trying to tell me what to do.

Ask my parents.

Anyway, the absolutely most terrifying episode of this fantastic show is The Empty Child. I'm telling you - do NOT watch this episode if you are at all prone to fainting spells.

I hear that ghastly child saying "are you my mummy?" in my nightmares!

BUT, because I have a dark, Irish soul, I also kind of love it.

Sometimes when Splotchy is screeching his little eyes out at 4 AM, I imagine (since some mean person tossed him out on a busy street when he was three weeks old) that he is actually just saying "are you my mummy?" and it allows me to forgive him, and just drink more coffee when I finally resign myself to the fact that I won't be getting any more sleep.

I love all things mummy. If someone makes a mummy stamp, I can guarantee you I will buy it.

Mummies are delightful because their scariness comes wrapped, like a present. Also, the bandages make them seem sort of vulnerable. You want your monsters vulnerable, after all.

My friend and fellow Texan Jen del Muro (who owns Reverse Confetti) came up with an ADORABLE mummy recently and a FANTASTICALLY inventive treat topper thingy that I HAD to play with.

As you know, I am not a DIY 3D person. So I will never create a template from scratch and build something. HOWEVER, I will get all up in a die that lets me make a cute treat, and holy cow did she come up with a good one.

This thing is like a Christmas cracker! It's GENIUS. So you cut two of them, and in ten seconds, pop them onto the matching clear treat container for such a cute gift.

I am notorious around my neighborhood for giving things like these at my Starbucks and other drive throughs so I'm super excited about this.

It holds a lot of candy - I used nearly all of two 3 oz. packages of Jelly Belly candy corns (I don't really eat sweet stuff but these are the best candy corns I've ever had) with a little room to spare.

I die cut the toppers from the new Pumpkin Pie Glimmer Paper and adhered them to the matching treat container with Tear & Tape. Then I added some Halloween Night Twine - WHICH I LOVE - to each end. I fought with myself hard about whether to use the orange/black twine or the grey/black, but ended up with the classic. It's really pretty and fun.

Links to supplies:

I finished it off with the little mummy I colored with grey and purple copics and a sentiment. Maybe I'll give this to MY mummy for her birthday!

All of these are part of Jen's newest release - so if you like it, head over to her blog for details on how to get it all at midnight on the 8th. Midnight - you know, when the mummies are out stumbling around. .

I'm happy to be in Texas with so many talented ladies I call friends.

Now - are YOU my mummy?


PS - I had some minor surgery on my right hand so until it looks less awful I am holding off on videos, although I'm considering a fingerless glove. It might be a week or two before I get back on camera. Thanks for your patience. 



  1. Lol. I immediately thought doctor who when your post came up in my reader. Scary episode although Don't Blink frightened me more. Still does and I've seen it several times. Changes to way I look at garden statues!

    Love the treat box.

  2. Awesome project!!! Love the glittery paper you used and these toppers are the best, aren't they?? I can't wait to place an order.

    Hope your recovery from your recent surgery goes smoothly!!

  3. Very cute. Love the glimmer paper you used.

  4. Doctor Who is a show I resisted for so long, but am so glad I have in to my daughter's pressure to watch. She won me over with the Weeping Angel episode. Do you have a favorite Doctor yet? Ten will ALWAYS be THE Doctor for me.
    I love your treat box. I'll be hanging out to get my hands on that during mummy stumbling hours.

  5. Love this treat box die idea but cannot find it with the lonk provided and searching finds nothing. Can you give more details?

    1. Hi Rosemarie! This is a sneak peek - the products will be released tomorrow! :)

  6. Love your mummy on this treat tube! How cute is that?!?!

  7. Way to rock the new Reverse Confetti how you used glitter cardstock and the addition of the mummy is perfect.

  8. Well I'm not so sure that my soul is black, but it is Irish and therefore I LOVE it! ....and that glimmer cardstock? yahoo for that! Oh....and Reverse Confetti Rocks!

  9. So cute! I MUST have this treat box!

  10. WOW, Lydia, love your sparkly tube toppers!!!

  11. Super cute treat holder, Lydia! Love the fun lil' mummy!

  12. Oh my goodness! I LOVE the treat box in glitter paper!! Seriously LOVE.

  13. That is entirely too cute :) (hope you hand heals quickly) ((HUGS))

  14. Adorable!! And this is the kind of 3d I can do. Also not a "build a template from scratch" kind of stamper!! Hope your hand recovers quickly!!

  15. I love the treat great for parties!

  16. Love the use of the glitter paper.
    The little mummy is sweet.
    take care of yourself - our hands
    are so important. Don't realize how
    much we need them until they go wonky.
    thanks for sharing.

  17. What a great looking gift box, love the sparkle and the sentiment. Mummies are so cute in the fall.

  18. THIS IS FABULOUS!!!!!! Jen always make AWESOME stuff!!!!!!!

  19. Super cute and fun. Love the glitter paper and the adorable mummy. The possibilities are endless. Just love this new product release. Just wonderful.

  20. Delightful treat tube with that cute mummy and beautiful orange glimmer paper! Love it! I'll have to check out Dr. Who...

  21. Oh this is amazing! I absolutely love the colors, the image and the sentiment. So much fun!

  22. Oh your hand OK? Wouldn't want you to be suffering. On another tack, laughed through this entire blog post. YOU"RE HILARIOUS! I've seen the The Empty Child episode...think my heart stopped. Wicked fun. Anyway, back to the crafts...I'm heading over to check out Reverse Confetti and their new stuff. Thanks for the enabling.

  23. A Doctor Who fan!! I've watched every episode (mostly because my oldest made me, but I did come to love it). My youngest has watched every episode of Supernatural - but can NOT get through Doctor Who's Empty Child - it is creepy!

  24. This is adorable! I am not a super fan of creating 3D items either but I think I could do this one since it sounds so easy with the help of the dies. Adorable mummy and great sparkling paper! I wonder if that is what Storm is saying when I walk in the door after being gone for part of the day? Whraaaaaaa just might be "are you my mummy". Oh, and that episode of Doctor Who was creepy!

  25. Totally awesome box and hope your hand soon will be ok again.

  26. This is fantastic. I love your mummy. So happy to see you creating with the fun new products. I love this new treat holder Jen created.

  27. Completely entertained by your post and charmed by your mummy treat container! I'm with you: 3D does not come easily to me, so evidently, this set 'must' have to come live at my place...Thanks for the smiles today!

  28. One of my fave episodes of Doctor Who. I don't like the current Doctor btw. Hope your hand heals soon. Miss you.

  29. As always, I love reading your posts. You are a fabulous writer and I thoroughly enjoy your sense of humor. I don't make 3-D things very often, but this is cute. Thanks for sharing.


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