Monday, September 28, 2015

Ignoring the World Around You? Or OND? You Tell Me.

I've discovered there are two types of people in this world.

I know that sounds like the introduction to a joke - like "A priest and a rabbi walk into a bar."

But I'm completely serious.

There are two types of people in this world. Dr. Seuss had it right. You either have stars on your belly or you don't.

What fascinates me about the two types, is that in order to group people into two distinct classifications, you need to be alive right now, in 2015. Prior to roughly this time, this subdivision wasn't possible. This fact, in itself, might lead you to question the entire time/space continuum, in which case I say - you are welcome.

Here are the two types.

Type 1: When you see the image below, your brain chemistry changes. Your heart rate elevates, your palms sweat, a teeny bit of adrenaline rushes through your veins. You go into fight or flight mode. You attack with a ferocity that might frighten a hyena, just to remove the red notification icons.

I understand the psychology behind the red notification icon. Red induces panic.

Unless you're me. Which leads me to....

Type 2: What? I've never noticed that before - what is it? Oh - it's how many notifications I have? *Shrug*

I have absolutely ZERO desire to "clear out" notifications from sites which are purely social in nature. They are social. I don't need them. It's bad enough to have the weight of 200 emails an hour bearing down on you - you don't *need* to know that 48 people have posted a blurry picture of their grilled cheese on FB since you took a shower. If you even had time to take a shower in between notifications of some sort.

However, there is a specific gene that enslaves people to these little red notifications. And they are powerless to resist its siren song.

And then there are people like me.

Mine are always at 99 because I never click on them.

I remember the first time my friend Dana looked at my phone years ago and SCREAMED because I had 99 notifications on every app. I was so confused - I had truly never noticed them. I said "what are they?"

And then she explained that they are basically a to-do list. For a social app. At which point I went back to being completely bored with them.

There's even a thing on Facebook business pages now that yells at you about your response time to messages and tells you to answer them faster. No. We need fewer things to do, not more. Don't fall for it!

If you are afflicted with OND - Obsessive Notification Disorder, I am sorry - but I have an idea.

Since every app uses red for its notifications, what if you just got some green glasses? Then everything would look brown and you wouldn't feel anxious and behind all the time. Feel free to invent "OND glasses" and become a zillionaire.

Now the other day on Periscope, I did some image transforming with pointillism. You KNOW I love transforming images! Just so you know what it looked like before, this is the stamp I'm using.

And this is what I did with it.

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Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

If you want to watch the replay of this project from Periscope, you can view it here - I'll delete this after Hope You Can Cling To though - so be sure and watch soon!

This is my card for one of the challenges - but I can't tell you which one. Be sure and join us for these - it's a great cause, and we reward participants with thousands and thousands of dollars in prizes. What could be better than that?

Oh - I know what could be better than that - a new online class! :)

I'm SO excited about this class - it's adorable. It's a very hip, retro-modern holiday class - it can be Christmas, or just general winter themed - and it is SQUEE-worthy. I hope you like it. I offer both a digital-only version as well as a postal version. You can read all about my Santa's Workshop class here.

I know you will love it!

I hope you have something fun planned for World Cardmaking Day this Saturday - and remember - if you make a card - SEND A CARD. :)



  1. Not OND! LOL I am a Recovering ONDer. I now ignore 90% while I rush to "handle" the other ten percent.

  2. Definitely OND. For EVERYTHING!

  3. My snot infested brain was JUST inspired...... Too bad I no longer have tgese stix! Yes, threw about 20 away, not sure WHAT I used them on, some had ink on them! LOL

  4. I don't have the notification problem because I detest FB and have very few friends there. I only go there once or twice a day, and usually under duress. See? Problem solved. :)

  5. YES! I'm with you! You explained OND and "social" media so well. Moving on to the card..... I love it, and enjoyed your live demo.

  6. Now I know why there is always 99 notifications! Doesn't bother me!

  7. I TOTALLY agree with you on social media! I ignore those numbers too. Here's a girl who has a few good points about it ( ). We can't let those numbers define us, control us. Go out and meet the real people, not the screen image. Send them a card!


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