Thursday, November 22, 2012

Be Not Forgetful To Entertain Strangers

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope your dishes are all cooked and your house smells like poultry seasoning, pumpkin pie spice and gratitude. Mine does.

Did you know that the Mayflower only had 102 people on it? That is a little humbling, yes, to think about how much goodness came from those brave souls?

But wait - only half of them lived to see spring after arriving here.

Life was unimaginably hard, even if you had survived the trip.

History tells us that an Abenaki Indian and a Pawtuxet Indian - Squanto - befriended these bedraggled Pilgrims and taught them how to get maple syrup from the trees, catch fish, grow corn and not kill themselves eating poisonous native plants.

Our first official Thanksgiving is said to have taken place in 1621, and lasted three days. Remember - this was before stretchy pants. They may have forgone pants all together given the harsh circumstances. I think I certainly would after three days of Thanksgiving meals.

But more importantly, imagine your life and the future of your new nation and all of your descendents depending on the kindness of strangers like Squanto, who hadn't really been treated all that well by strangers himself.

After you imagine that, and after you've recovered from stretchy pants today - just pay it forward. You just never know -  you may be entertaining angels.

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. ~Hebrews 13:2

Thanks to a sweet and talented Facebook friend who shared this idea, I made these little placecards for our meal today. I hope all the little turkeys enjoy them.


  1. How adorable are these place cards? And you have 3 Bobs? HA!

  2. Lydia, you always come up with food for thought. Your caring, teaching and humour is amazing and very much enjoyed,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    Pat Cleminson


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