Monday, September 3, 2012

The Monkey Blocker

I should really be a squillionaire based on how many squillion dollar ideas I come up with daily.

For example, the other day, I was happily browsing Google Reader - which I haven't looked at since JANUARY - and I was perusing one of my fave baby animal blogs.

Exotic kittens, baby polar bears, fennec foxes, other assorted cute things with big ears...

And then... BAM.

A frigging MONKEY.

I cannot STAND monkeys. Do NOT post a comment saying - oh really - even this cute monkey that fits on your finger? NO - absolutely not - all monkeys are foul, disgusting creatures. And I like ASPS, for goodness' sake.

So, in my despair over unwittingly being exposed to a monkey I wasn't warned about, I invented the monkey blocker.

It's like a pop up blocker, except it's customized to monkeys. Or really, anything you want! Hate shrimp? No problem! Put "shrimp" or "monkey" into my blocker and you will start seeing images like these.

That is SO much better than the original image, which you can see here.

Think how much people would pay for this!!

I'd block every monkey, crawdad, scorpion and Kardashian on the interwebz!


With that behind me, I was free to make a card.

This was one of last month's class cards. I could not resist using this ADORABLE Frightening Feline halloween image! My friend Mel guessed that this image would be my fave from the new Holiday Mini and she was right! :)

The pennants and base are from Howlstooth and Scaringbone DSP and the new OMG Champagne glimmer paper is the bomb.

I wanted to be able to play along with this month's Stampin' Up! Creative Crew challenges on Splitcoast - have you checked out the gallery this month? It's AMAZING!

I decided to do the Holiday focus challenge for my little way-less-scary-than-a-monkey kitty.

Want to play along? Check out the challenges here and peep the gallery here.
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RU scared?

You shouldn't be. I blocked all the monkeys.



  1. I woke up in such a foul mood. Then I read your idea about the Monkey Blocker and laughed. Thanks for cheering me up! You are always too funny!!! Cute card. I just love this DSP.
    Peace, love & Joy,

  2. You slay me! Love it, love you :)

  3. Ok, I thought the monkey fear was, well... maybe just a little neurotic UNTIL I saw the original monkey photo. You are totally right - that was downright disturbing. May have even turned me against monkeys myself.
    Love your card - love that kitty.
    26 days until HYCCT

  4. I soooo need your monkey blocker! I have the same problem with monkeys, and they're all over the cute animal web pages. My hubby teases me about it but they're just plain creepy!!!! When you go public with your invention be sure to email me. :)

  5. Yee Gads! That'll teach me not to trust your assessment of monkeyness!! I never should have looked. I'm scarred for life...

  6. "... I'd block every monkey, crawdad, scorpion and Kardashian on the interwebz!"

    Holy Crap - there's an APP for that? Sign me up now. I can finally cure myself of Kardashianitus forever! xo

  7. I don't mind monkeys at all, but I would pay you TWO squillion dollars for a Kardashian blocker.

  8. I'd buy that blocker! Fellow monkey haters Unite!

  9. Good blocker and all but I'm really excited about the idea of using brads to faux-connect pennants rather than labor-intensive string. Lol. Thanks for that dollar idea. :)

  10. Maybe that monkey is screaming about his love of all things stampy? He could also, quite possibly, be under your bed right now.

    xo Brandi

  11. I could wax on and on for my love of all things monkey, but my son would like to put in an order for your monkey blocker. He still remembers when, while driving through an open-air zoo in England, a monkey tried to steal his cookie. The window was closed, but he was only two, and it pretty well scarred him for life (he is now 21). I must say - the photo is priceless though!


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