Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Sunday Cartoons & The Way They Feel + Giveaway

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I'm back! Sorry for two posts today - it's just how the calendar goes sometimes! But you'll be glad I'm back because there are some sweet, summery cards ahead with the new Hero Kit.

But this first card is with the dog bundle and the sweet park background because this image yanked me straight back to childhood, and reading the Sunday funnies. The Sunday funnies were magical because they were in color - and after reading them, I had hours of fun using Silly Putty on them.

Something about this style of image just recalls that great comic art that has been a type of art that has been available to the masses and all classes for centuries. They are about as old as this country, since we just celebrated a birthday. Isn't that crazy?

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The sneak peek from yesterday is from the main kit - I love the little background stamp! The technique is a secret until Dare to Get Dirty - join us!

The last card is one of those ideas that comes in half sleep - I will be expanding on the idea soon - but I realized that I ALWAYS do these silhouette dies in black or white, so why not add color? And because the image is so very organic and natural, I thought I'd do crisp stripes as contrast. The tree die is from the main kit

Want more inspiration & a chance to win a $50 gift card? Check out the Hero Arts blog hop HERE. Leave a comment here and on the other posts to be entered!

Hope you're having a good week!



  1. Love how you come up with so many creative things! But I'm having a hard time with the tree and strips of color. Just doesn't look right to me for some reason - must be my old eyes!

  2. I so love what you did with the frog and bugs!!!

  3. I LOVE the puppy! All the designs are awesome!

  4. The last card is kind of spooky. Would
    be good done in halloween colors. Love
    the puppy chasing the frisbee. thanks
    for sharing.

  5. Great cards! I really love the scene with the adorable pup!

  6. Such fabulous cards! The You're the Best card is sooooo adorable!

  7. Way to think outside the box Lydia!!! Lovely cards! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  8. They are all very nice, but as a dog lover I have to say the first card is my favorite.
    I love how just as you described them, the colors look like it came from the Sunday comics.
    Thanks for sharing your memories of using the Silly Putty, fun times! =)

  9. Great cards! I love how you created the shadows on the first one!

  10. I love these! That dog is so cute!

  11. Fantastic cards! Love the designs. Thanks for sharing.

  12. These are fantastic cards but the dog card with the shadow was just brilliant. Great job!

  13. Love the creativity and variety of cards, but the dog shadow card is just so well done! Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. I like your creative cards. I like the background and shadows on the dog card.

  15. Great cards! I love the black and rainbow card!

  16. I LOVE THE doggy running on the uncolored flowers. This scene is adorable


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