Saturday, January 8, 2022


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It's just cold, y'all. 

After three freezing nice, we were promised a warming trend, and that did not materialize, much to my chagrin!

And then this morning it's just wet and pea soup fog. So I'd like you to picture me as this walrus, which I decided to stamp in Fadeout ink and watercolor with my Daniel Smith watercolors from the Lydia split in my group. I'm just a little grumpy on my block of ice formerly known as Texas!

I tried to make it look like there were little holes in the ice around him - walruses - walri? - have to be careful, you know. Did I pull it off?

He looks about as offended as I feel about the weather!


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  1. I’m feeling just about the same. This summer child is all about the warmth!

  2. Lydia I love this card! I wish you would show how you did the background. Enjoy the cold, it will be hotter than hell before you know it:)

  3. I LOVE your walrus card. You did a great job creating holes in the ice. I live in Round Rock, so I know what you mean about the weather. I don't mind some cold if there is lots of sunshine, but it definitely has not been very sunny this week. I'm just glad I work from home and only get out when I need to. Have a great day. I always look forward to your posts and awesome cards.

  4. Wow! This is just gorgeous. The water hasn’t captured my attention. Stunning.


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