Monday, December 20, 2021

Mixed Media Collage Flower + The Cat Based Weather Prediction System

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Happy Monday! We have had some weather extremes here the last few weeks - unusually cold, punctuated by a so-hot-I-got-mosquito-bites heat and now back to cold. This has led us to an observation about the cats. And when I say cats, I mean Splotchy, because he's the one that likes to read the cat dictionary out loud every night at 4 AM.

What we have observed is that a cold kitty is a good kitty! As soon as he gets cold enough, he hops up on the bed at 10 PM and doesn't move until the alarm goes off. On the hot day, I thought about turning the air conditioner down to 47 just to get a good night's rest!

So we developed a whole new graphical weather forecast - instead of that curved line with the blue triangles they use now, we will replace each triangle with a peacefully sleeping kitty, so that people know exactly what's coming. The warm front graphic will be replaced with a bunch of wild-eyed insane cats. Much clearer than we have now, don't you think? At the end of the day we care more about sleep than the precipitation chance!

Anyway - have you signed up to be notified when my upcoming collage workshop is live? If not, you can do so here, and you'll get an email as soon as the class is posted online.

I ask because this is one of the projects I'll be showing in the workshop. It's a 100% collage flower. I stamped this beautiful, open floral from Gina in black on a Gel Press print from my stash. Then I took some text from my alumni magazine and cut out the folded back portions of the petals. I shaded it with these creamy colored pencils in a fun, vibrant violet. Pencils are great on top of thin acrylic paint like the layers on gel prints.

The card base is faux plaster (see next photo for details) that I created with heavy body paint and black & white tissue paper, that I collaged onto the card base with matte medium and a silicone spreader BEFORE adding the plaster texture with the paint. After adding white gel pen details to the middle of the flower, I attached it with sweet pops and decided it didn't need a sentiment!

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See what I mean? LOVE this texture. 

Season of Peace
[ GNK ]
Derwent Chromaflow Colored Pencils -...
[ BLIC ]
B&W Collage Rice Paper
[ JGG ]
Sakura Gelly Roll Opaque White Pens...
[ BLIC ]
Sweet Pops — Sweet Sentiment
[ SWT ]
Silicone media spreader
Matte Medium
[ BLIC ]
Heavy Body Acrylic
[ BLIC ]
Pre-cut/scored A2 Cards
[ CTC ]
MISTI Stamping Tool
[ MSP | SSS | ELH ]
Rotatrim Professional Series Cutter -...
[ BLIC ]

What do YOUR pets do when the weather changes?

Tomorrow is the shortest day of the year - thank goodness. I'm ready for longer days! This falling back nonsense is for the birds!


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  1. LYDIA! Love this card so much. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. It's not the shortest day of the year, it's still 24 hours long!😹

  3. This is absolutely stop-in-your-tracks stunning! Wow! Haha about the cat weather calendar! I noticed in Little-Bit's old age she became very temp sensitive and stopped sleeping with us on warm nights. Storm was always more cuddly in the winter! :)

  4. This is a real WOW card Lydia - fabulous!


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