Thursday, February 2, 2017

Memory Lane - Pencil Edition

I go through little art supply phases from time to time. I really don't have very many different "go-to" mediums - I love watercolor, and I love pencils - but I get into phases where I use one supply more than others, and recently, that's been watercolor.

But I tried the new Chameleon pencils at CHA and it was like a pencil virus took over my body - it's all I wanted to play with when I got home.

On the plane on the way back, I had fond memories of my first colored pencil "tutorial" (in the pre-YouTube days) - and that was this book. It's such a well-executed book, and he's such a great teacher. I still have it and I still look through it in rare analog moments.

I especially love pencils on rough, darker paper - so I thought I'd play with the little succulents from Oh So Succulent this week - it's the first chance I've had to use this set. You can buy the pencils I used in open stock (one at a time) - so I've linked both the set and the open stock individual colors below.

Oh So Succulent By Understand Blue

Succulents are an exception to my anti-green policy - maybe because they are a dustier, bluer green. Or maybe because they're just so darn cute!

In Austin, we have this AMAZING succulent garden center called East Austin Succulents. I'd heard about this place for years, but only just visited recently. If you want to see my photos of some of those amazing plants, check out my Facebook photo album here (you don't need a Facebook account to see this).

My favorite succulents are the ones called Living Stones. Strange, marvelous little things.

I made a partly sped-up video for you of the coloring process for this card - it's really quick and easy.

Three big pieces of news - registration for my June retreat is now open on this page! I have a limited number of spaces available, and that inventory is reflected in Paypal, so registration will not work when it's full. I allow past retreat attendees to register first, so more than half the spots are taken.

I'm also having a mini-retreat in November before OnStage Live! These also fill up fast, so register soon and I look forward to seeing you there!

If you're ready to start some Easter crafting, I have a new online class available, featuring the Easter Message stamp set - I have two versions with these images - a religious Easter class, and a general spring class.

In the random things department - I'm loving my subscription to the Mystery Experiences company! I can't tell you how much fun these are - I love all the little puzzles, the hints, the phone numbers to call - it feeds my Nancy Drew heart!

I also love the Jane Davenport collection at Michael's - gorgeous mixed media products - perfect if you love art journaling. Her washi tape is positively other-worldly.

I just got the Black & Decker cordless glue gun that I saw at CHA - SQUEE! I can't wait to try it out - it's a SERIOUS tool. There are few things I hate more than tiny, wobbly, corded glue guns, so I am stoked.

I found DOMESTIC ginger from Gilroy, California. Please note that the Ginger People products come from China, and nearly all imported ginger has a growth retardant sprayed on it - pretty sure that's not good for you. Maybe that's why I'm so short! :)

If you've never tried any Evolution Fresh juices - you must! My favorite is their coconut-pineapple water - I get mine at Whole Foods - it's in the cold section.

Also - if you're having trouble getting your Facebook Lives to be horizontal instead of vertical - and you use an Iphone, it's because of the "zoomed" - or as I call it - THE I CAN FINALLY SEE AND TYPE - setting. Take off zoomed, and your phone should then rotate for FB Live. Of course, you'll never be able to see or type anything on your phone anymore, but whatever. :)

Don't forget the awesome starter bundle deal during Sale-A-Bration - you get two extra stamp sets in the bundle, no strings attached - making it basically a half off sale - $200 worth of goodies for $99. You will have access to my FB group through at a minimum at the end of July, and will be able to choose one of my online classes for free! We have an awesome group of people and we have fun together. You would also be eligible for my team event in June.

Hope you have a great weekend - for some reason this week has felt really long, so I'm looking forward to the weekend and my class Saturday with my stamping buddies.



  1. Love the card and your the "Hey, every buddy" you!

  2. OMG - You are either good for me or bad for my budget ... can't decide which. First of all, LOVE how you colored the succulents so I immediately had to price the full set of pencils (never mind I have two sets in the studio already - barely used). Then I IMMEDIATELY subscribed to the Mystery Experience - and here's how I rationalized that: My DH and I have very few common interests but we both like a good mystery. This will be something we can do together, thereby strengthening our bond (which has been in place for 37 years but who's counting). AND it's way cheaper and more fun than marriage counseling.
    So thank you. I think.

  3. This is lovely - I hardly ever use my colored pencils but this is going to make me give them a chance to shine!!! Thank you for sharing and for your fascinating blog!!

  4. I love all your cards this this one is my new favorite! Thank you for the awesome tutorial!

  5. Your card is beautiful! Love the gray paper for the base.


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