Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Newborn King

So you know how you buy a stamp and it's like the BEST STAMP IN THE WORLD and you can't wait to play with it? And then three months go by and you haven't touched it?

Well that happened to me with today's card.

I LOVE the Newborn King set. I LOVE it. I love how it's so modern and yet so funky, so 70s and doodly. It's so me.

And yet, many squirrels intervened and kept me from playing with it. Until today, when I had a World Cardmaking Day webinar. Yes, +Andrea Withers - I was paying attention :).

Webinars are a fabulous time to color. You can listen and make something pretty at the same time.

So I brought out the ice cube tray that has some dried Brusho in it from a previous session, an aquapainter, and my Peerless watercolor binder. Why did I mix watercolor types? Oh - well that's because I forgot to grab yellow Brusho from my watercolor drawer which is 15 feet away from my desk, and my Peerless notebook was 6 inches from me.

Yes, I'm that lazy.

I just used three colors - violet, aqua and yellow - I love this combo. I wanted the colors to be modern, bright and non-traditional.

I debated with myself about adding glitter, but in the end I felt like I needed to let the image shine by itself.

So here's what I did.

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I love it in its sweet, tiny modernity. I love the zentangly trees.

Too fun. And easy to do during a webinar.

Don't you love that bright glow from the manger? I think the colors are just happy, like Christmas.

Speaking of World Cardmaking Day - if you need me, I'll be busy gearing up for Hope You Can Cling To - a month long card drive for the breast cancer patients at MD Anderson. This is our fifth year, and our first year, we kicked the event off on WCMD - the perfect day to illustrate the power of a homemade card to create good in the world. I think we can all agree that the world needs more good. :)



  1. Well, Wow! I was really wondering what those trees were doing in Bethlehem, but you made it all make sense! I do love the glow! Glad I have this set and that I hadn't surgically removed the trees yet!

  2. beautiful effect you achieved....great look!

  3. Pish. Three months, how about three years. Shameful.

  4. Thank you so much for supporting breast cancer patients at MD Anderson! It is a fabulous facility full of the most compassionate care-givers. And they are saving lives every day - including mine.


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