Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Great Foot Sled Mystery - SOLVED

So remember old Pegfoot?

Well in a hilarious turn of events, there was a bit of a replay today.

The Holiday Catalog went live today.

It's really full of amazing.

But as usual, I'm mystified by some of the images.

I thought that the highlighted image in this set was a badminton racket that was missing a handle. That screams holiday, right?

I asked Brian King what it was, and he briefly thought it was a jai alai racket. I stuck to either wiffle ball or badminton, but I didn't think people played any of those things in the snow, and the rest of the set is pretty wintery. We played a lot of wiffle ball and badminton, but we didn't have sleds or ice skates around while we were doing it.

I am not sure what possessed me to ask a fellow resident of the southern states this question, but maybe I just don't have enough friends in Minnesota or Alaska.

However, he's far enough north that he did have a little glimmer of recognition while we tried to hash it out.

A lively conversation ensued, during which he told me he thought he knew what it was.

"I think it's some sort of foot sled," he said.

"What is a foot sled?" I asked. He wasn't really sure but he felt like you put your foot in it and did something. The "some sort of" led me to believe that there are a decent variety of foot sled apparati that I needed to be educated about. (Assuming, of course, that the plural of apparatus is apparati.)

A foot sled sounds to me like something you put your foot in by itself and watch it go sledding down the hill. It didn't make sense to me. Isn't an ice skate technically a foot sled? And there's already an ice skate in that set. None of it made sense.

I was set on badminton.

But then he enlisted the help of some friends on Facebook in northern climes who revealed to us that it is, in fact, a snowshoe.

AHHHHHHH - that made much more sense than a broken badminton racket or a foot sled. 

Technically, I had to admit, though, that his initial assessment of "food sled" was correct, if somewhat abstract.

I suppose we are all allowed a little abstraction.

Speaking of abstraction, I'm doing the tutorial on Splitcoast today!

This is a technique for marbling with the MISTI that I came up with and featured at my retreats this summer. I swore everyone to secrecy until the tutorial was published. It's SO much fun and so easy.

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Fun right?

And here's the video - it's just a three minute card!

So don't forget to make sure you know where your foot sleds are today - winter is coming!



  1. This is just as funny in the recap as it was when it happened. I will forever call it a foot sled, Lydia. Now that we got that out of the way, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this card - it might be my favorite. Such a cool technique.

  2. That is a great technique Lydia. Very pretty!
    Loved your story about the "foot sled". LOL. I found it funny to think everyone wouldn't know a snowshoe when they saw one but that's what makes us all different. So funny!

  3. very nice technique, and yes being from Upstate NY I have actually used snoewhoes

  4. Super cool ... I have my Misti, but I've struggled to make myself use it ... this is the technique that might push me there.

  5. Oh, My Goodness...almost spit out a mouthful of coffee.....your sense of humor is like no other....I'll never look at a snowshoe the same again...yes, I'm from Colorado so know what a snowshoe is... Good way to start my day...thanks so much for the technique, too...

  6. The skyline is simply beautiful - what a phenomenal technique. Now, says your Minnesota friend (LOL), you can do something similiar for a winter solstice card... pine tree background and falling snow, using your "footsled" inside along with a witty sentiment.

  7. This northern Minnesota girl got a chuckle out of your story.....just goes to show how our experiential base impacts our world view. Oh, and I love your card! But, then again, I always do!!

  8. I have to say Brian -- you cracked the Pals up with your question. I had no idea there were folks out there that did not know what a Snowshow was -- hahahahaha. Guess that shows me :-)

  9. Great card, I don't own a misti but determined to find another way of doing this! Funny story after reading through the Facebook comments ;) I use the now famous "foot sled" whenever I visit my family in Wisconsin.. but I can see how one could be fooled into thinking it was some sort of racket lol!

  10. LOL! It is a snow shoe. It is used when you are trudging through deep snow so that you don't sink down to your tuccus and can stay on top of the snow. Used in many parts of the country north of the Mason-Dixon line (not just Minnesota and Alaska) :-)

  11. Ooooooh, this looks lik fun and I LOVE the result. Going to find a nice solid stamp and try it.

  12. Foot sled - too funny. Did none of your years in NY clue you in?

    And that marbling is amazing, and too easy! Must try.

  13. Love the marveling effect!!!! Thank you. It's awesome!!!

  14. Love this! But.....c'mon...perhaps you need to hang out in Wisconsin :) Foot sled!!

  15. Honestly, I think this is the best crafting blog post I have EVER read. Hilarious! Oh, and I love your card and technique!

  16. And only one foot sled, for the dear peg leg girl, 'cause that's all she needs, LOL. I think I may have to revoke your privilege to claim that you ever lived in MI. I never needed a snowshoe in the lower peninsula, but I sure knew what they were for (giggle).

  17. Ha ha. Foot sled - I love it. I live in Ontario, Canada so I'm familiar with these. Funny how you never think about things like this not being recognizable elsewhere but it makes total sense! What a gorgeous card; love the colours and the technique. Thanks for the video. You're always inspiring.

  18. I love this technique. I can't weight to try it!!!! Such a beautiful card :> I think the "snowshoes" should forever be called a foot sled! I sure know if I had to walk around on those shoes then sledding would be all I was doing. I did happen to know what those strange things were...Only because Mike made me watch Jeremiah Johnson ump-tine million times...guess something sunk in....

  19. This is so neat, thanks for sharing!

    (BTW the only reason I know what the snow shoe is is because my husband watches Mountain Men and one of the guys have a set! LOL)

  20. Oohhhhh! LOVE the technique! It's one of those that artsy people will say, "how did you do that?"! I can't wait to give it a try. Giggled over your snowshoe! I guess I must be more of a northern girl then I thought because I did know what that was or maybe it's my love for Classic movies (I am sure I have seen characters in movies use them)! Have a great day!!!

  21. Wait, what?!? Did you actually type and publish that you don't have enough friends in Minnesota? LYDIA SUE FIEDLER (I have no idea what your actual middle name is, if you have one, but Sue fits for now.) I am happy to be your consultant on all things winter since you seem to have lost your mind. Oh, and the cards.... darling. <3 you.... most of the time.


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