Monday, November 27, 2023

VIDEO: Simple Highlighted Embossing Part 2 of 2

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Hi friends! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving if you are in the US. We didn't do anything except try out Chef John's loaded sweet potato recipe and it was excellent. 

I worked all weekend on the Hero spring catalog and you will not be disappointed. However, it got really cold and windy this weekend - I have my space heater on as I type this, so it definitely doesn't feel like spring. 

I added a new recipe to my True Crime & Cooking tier on Patreon if you are a member over there - it's the best pasta salad in the world. I am trying to balance each category so there's about the same number of recipes in each category at all times, and I noticed I needed to catch up on salads, so that's what I'm working on at the moment.

Gardening is on pause right now - it's been cold and wet - so I don't really need to be out there watering. And there's no need to weed at this time of year - everything will die back soon enough. I have been thinking about dirt lately though - there are so many plants that I need to repot and add dirt to in the spring, That is always such an ordeal - trying to figure out the right amount of dirt - it's always too much or not enough. BUT - for whatever reason, repotting a plant in new dirt is sooo satisfying. I wish I could get someone to just deliver it to my driveway. 

I am back today with part two of my highlighted embossing mini-series - this is much simpler than part 1, but still really pretty. This will work with regular embossing folders if you have a very light touch, but it works best and most quickly with 3D folders like today's snowflake folder.

I used liquid watercolor - believe it or not, the same colors on both - and this copper paint on the right, white paint on the left. 

It's hard to see, but the snowflake on the left is die cut from clear glitter paper. I used this sentiment set and these embellies.  

This is absolutely an easily reproducible holiday card - each one will look different! Just get a big sheet of watercolor paper and then cut it up afterwards - my favorite type of process for holiday cards, which I really need to get going on. I'm trying to de-stash and that's taking priority right now. If you are interested in a de-stash bundle, you can get on the waiting list here

Here's the video - enjoy!

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