Monday, November 13, 2023

VIDEO: Easy Faux Watercolor

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We need our sunlight back! It's been chilly and grey for about a week and I'm ready for this warmup they say is coming. Coinciding with the lack of light from the time change - OOF. However, I whipped out one of my very favorite recipes to match the winter energy that's out there - my homemade chicken pot pie. I've added that recipe to my Patreon cookbook if you are a member over there. It's the ultimate comfort food - and the filling is the world's best cream of chicken soup that you can just eat or use in other recipes. It would also make a fabulous tetrazzini! Mine is dairy free but I noted the dairy options.

Maddie update. The surgeon released her at two weeks, so I liberated her, but she instantly messed with her incision and is now back in the cone and on antibiotics 😭. Poor thing. I'll be glad when this is all over with.

To combat the gloom outside, I am bringing you a very colorful set of Christmas cards today with a faux watercolor technique that bubbled back up recently in this challenge. I'm doing a little different take on it so definitely check out their version as well. 

I treated each panel a different way as you will see but they were done on a single sheet of watercolor paper.

I used three trees from this stamp set, along with the little bird and his tracks. The faux watercolor helps make the trees recede a bit - one of those perspective tricks I love on cards. On the one with the bird you can really see how the sharpening focus towards the bird creates a foreground (bird), mid ground (green tree) and background (pink trees).

Here's the video! Enjoy!

Here are all the supplies I used today.

Tree stamps
[ HA ]
Fabriano Extra White Cold Press...
[ BLIC ]
White pigment ink
[ HA ]
Taffy Ink
[ HA ]
Root Beer Ink
[ HA ]
Splash Ink
[ HA ]
White Paint Marker
[ BLIC ]
Continuous Spray Mister
Precision Glue Press
[ MSP ]
[ MSP ]

I'll be back Wednesday with part one of two in a fun embossing series, so I'll see you then! Loveyameanitbye.

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  1. Love this technique! I'm going to give it a try. And I am so OVER this overcast weather. It's dreary and depressing. I grew up in this weather, so I think I have PTSD. I need either a stormy rainy day... or sunshine.


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