UNWIND Happy Hour in Salt Lake!

Coming to the OnStage Live event in April, or just live in the Salt Lake area and want to come stamp with friends?

Join me and my team for an UNWIND mini retreat on Wednesday, April 13th at the Marriott in Salt Lake.

When I began the UNWIND Retreat series, I did so with a deliberate focus on relaxing events that provide a real creative escape in fun, beautiful locations. These retreats are not frantic, beat-the-clock stamping marathons - you will have time to learn new techniques, complete projects you are proud of, enjoy fellowship with other stampers and of course, have many chances to win prize patrols.
 UNWIND Retreat - Wimberley, TX - June 2015

UNWIND Retreat - Salt Lake City, UT - July 2015
UNWIND Retreat - Salt Lake City, UT - July 2014
UNWIND Retreat at The Loft House - October 2015

UNWIND Retreat at OnStage Local - Dallas, November 2015

Space is limited, so don't wait! Tickets are $55 and includes a full-day pass to the mini-retreat, a goodie bag and a chance at FABULOUS prizes. 


Please note - no refunds can be given, because we are on the hook for the venue, so purchase with care! If you are unable to attend, your ticket is transferable - so just contact us for help with that process. Space is limited, so this is a first come, first-served event.
Happy Hour Only registration - $5 - Happy Hour is at 5 PM.

Here are what other people have said about the UNWIND experience:

"My retreat experience was wonderful. Great classes with gorgeous projects! Meeting up with friends old and new. A weekend full of creativity and laughter." ~ Jeanne S. 

Lydia's Retreat is da bomb!  We learned a ton of great techniques, made some new friends, and most importantly, laughed liked loons the whole weekend.  It was a blast!" ~Debbi S.

"The Understand Blue UNWIND retreat was an absolute blast! From morning until night, I felt blessed by the camaraderie and laughter of my artsy sisters, delighted by Lydia's innovative and fun-loving teaching style, and pampered by the insanely delicious food from our celebrity chef. If you go, be sure to bring an extra suitcase for all the prizes, giveaways, and crafty creations you will be bringing back home with you - this is one vacation you will never forget!" ~Katherine K. 

If you want to work hard and feel overwhelmed, don't come to Lydia's retreats. I've attended two, and both were filled with warm welcome, laughter, and instant bonding with new friends you'll keep for life. It's more than just stamping. We shared stories, meals, and lots of late night gabbing. There are surprises as each guest shares their knowledge with classmates, too, and amazing products given away. We took fun little side-trips and ate amazing food. It was just a wonderful time-suspending weekend that got my muse all fired up. You just can't put a price on an event like this. Come! ~Kyra S.


  1. Woot!!! I'm signed up!!! I can't wait!!!

  2. I swear - I'd sign up for OnStage in Salt Lake City just to meet you and come to your UNWIND Retreat! Seriously considering it...
    And I swear I'm not some weird stalker but I do like to wonder around in craft stores aimlessly looking at everything :-).

  3. Sounds like fun! What time does it start? I still have to figure out my flights.

    1. Hey Barbara! I usually try to do 10-3 (or 4) - I try to see when the latest flight is and work around that - so far 10 has been good every year.

  4. What time does the event start? I am trying to look at flights......don't want to show up at 5 pm to find all the fun is over!

  5. Hey Lydia,
    Looking forward to a great retreat this year. I can't think of a better way to start the On Stage experience.

  6. I can't find where the supply list is for SLC next week!
    Lisa Tedder

    1. Hi Lisa - I sent the list via email last week - it went to the triad.rr.com you registered with. I will resend to gmail.

  7. Can I come unannounced tomorrow night and give you $5? I can do it online just waiting to hear back from an old friend as to which night we're getting together.


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